Since 2017, our studio has been creating architectural and interior projects. For each project, we create our own philosophy together with the customer, which allows us to implement unique projects filled with a special atmosphere that contributes to the creation of a comfortable environment. The quality of work, the quality of the materials used and of course the final result are important for us, therefore we pay special attention to each stage of the project. We try to make our work go quickly, pleasantly, correspond to the set budget and bring the desired result.

Our studio is constantly developing and improving its skills, following trends and the latest innovations in architecture and design. We are ready for daring experiments and the embodiment of the most unusual ideas.


Our studio originates in the most beautiful and unique city in Russia - St. Petersburg.

It was there, under the inspiration of Renaissance palaces and granite embankments with limitless expanses, that the idea of creating a studio was born that would be able to fulfill the most extraordinary wishes of the customer and create a work of art from interior design to architectural volume.

We are not standing still and are constantly developing, so now we are based in Moscow and are open to new interesting projects.


We are also interested in foreign European projects, since part of our studio is currently located in Milan.

We regularly attend European events, design exhibitions and architecture biennials, keep in touch with large European factories and always keep abreast of new technologies

Our team

Angelina Garipova

  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Architect-engineer (SPbGASU, SPb)
  • Interior designer (International School of Design, St. Petersburg)
  • Parametric Design (AA DLAB, London)
  • Urban Architect (Polimi, Milan)

Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, specializing in architect. She was educated as an interior designer at the International School of Design in St. Petersburg.

She studied at the Milan Polytechnic University as an urban architect. He is fluent in engineering and volumetric-spatial composition. He understands the technical and physical properties of materials and always selects high-quality and long-term materials for projects. At the moment, he is actively working on the development of European projects.

Together with Ksenia, she improved her qualifications at the London Architectural Association in the field of parametric design, modern technologies and robotics, which are so actively used in all branches of design and construction, including interior design.

Ksenia Kondratovich

  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Decorator
  • Architect-engineer (SPbGASU, SPb)
  • Decorator-colorist (School of design DETAILS, Moscow)
  • Parametric Design (AA DLAB, London)
  • Project Management (SETTERS, Moscow)
Angelina & Ksenia

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