Luga, Russia, 2021y280 m²


Luga, Russia, 2021y280 m²

House in the Leningrad region on the shore of the lake. Customers' love for dark shades, greens and country life has shaped the concept of the emerald city. Nature enters the interior through emerald - marble in bathrooms, textiles, window decoration, decorative elements.

Moscow, Russia, 2021y50 m²


Moscow, Russia, 2021y50 m²

The main idea in Japandi's interior is to blend together the warm palette of Japan and the cold, hazy palette of Scandinavia.

  1. Hall 3.2 m²
  2. Bathroom 4,36 m²
  3. Laundry room 4,3 m²
  4. Kitchen 15,1 m²
  5. Living room 12,17 m²
  6. Bedroom 9,48 m²
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Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2018y130 m²

Architectural bureau

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2018y130 m²

The well-thought-out ergonomics of the workspace and the height of the ceilings made it possible to create a comfortable workspace filled with plenty of light and air. The minimalistic interior creates a calm working atmosphere and reflects the theme of the company.

  1. Tambour 3.2 m²
  2. General area 39.9 m²
  3. Model workshop on the 1st floor 15.7 m²
  4. Model workshop on the 2nd floor 10.1 m²
  5. Meeting room - reception 28.0 m²
  6. Office of directors 11.4 m²
  7. Kitchen - dining 15.6 m²
  8. Sanitary unit 6.7 m²
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