total project area 50

Moscow, Russia

Project conception

The main idea in Japandi's interior is to blend together the warm palette of Japan and the cold, hazy palette of Scandinavia.

We suggested making the most of the apartment light and warm. This is an entrance area, a kitchen and partly a living room.

The bedroom is made in dark gray shades with a blue undertone. Which creates a dark space that is comfortable for sleeping and relaxing. The decor in the minimalist interior adds visual accents while leaving plenty of air.

In addition to color combinations, textures and textures of materials make up an important part of the interior. In japandi, a large amount of wood is used, with a pronounced texture. Natural stone. Fabrics with a large texture are also used.

All materials are used with a minimum number of joints, which allows you to create a seamless space with a smooth transition from light to dark.

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